S’ha obert el CFP per a les jornades d’estudi “Interpreting Data, Constructing Performance: Source Study and the Recreation of Medieval Music Practices” que se celebraran a Lleida del 25 a 28 de juny de 2019 en el marc de la International Medieval Meeting Lleida.


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Deadline 24 de març

Keynote speaker: Sam Barrett (University of Cambridge)

Despite the large amount of religious and secular music that has survived in medieval manuscripts, we know very little about the performance practice of the period. Nonetheless, musicologists and performers are finding ways to extract valuable information about medieval practices not only from the actual music but also from visual, literary, archeological, and oral sources. Their methods and conclusions can become real paradigms in the reconstruction of historical practices.

This conference considers all possible approaches to the study of musical, visual, literary, archeological, and oral sources and their application to the creation of theories for the reconstruction of medieval music performance. Potential topic areas might include, but are not limited to:

  • Manuscripts and their performance indications
  • Notation and performance
  • Performance context and space
  • Usage of musical instruments
  • Song accompaniment
  • Audience participation
  • Iconography and performance
  • Experimental archeology, ethnoarcheology, and their application to performance
  • Voice production and song performance
  • Gesticulation, rhetoric, and music delivery

We invite researchers at all career stages to send abstracts up to 250 words for 20-minute papers (in English, Spanish, or Catalan), along with a current CV. Abstracts and CVs should be submitted to:

Màrius Bernadó (marius.bernado -at- hahs.udl.cat)

Mauricio Molina (maurus4 -at- gmail.com)

Notification of acceptance will be sent via email around 10 April 2019.

Selected papers will be considered for publication in a new series dedicated to medieval music research sponsored by the University of Lleida.