I want to close my blog for this season (the August hiatus is necessary to prepare for re-entry in September!). I write in English because I share this particular scholarly adventure with Erika S. Honisch (@DrCanonic) and Tess Knighton. This entry serves to close a complicated season, full of changes but with a happy ending. We are delighted to announce an article whose central story has a long and convoluted history.


The clever spy and the recurrent sword.

Two famous knights: the powerful Duke & the great artist.

A meticulous catalogue & a elaborate exlibris.

A music book that found its dedicatee.

Cameo by St Cecilia.

What is the common thread among a peripatetic music library, a clever spy, and a cleverer librarian? This is the story of a musicological hunch, a happy encounter in Barcelona, shared labor, a great deal of enthusiasm, firm friendships, a little in the way of academia obscura, and a joyful ending.

By way of a teaser, we can promise a journey through time, deep engagement with many aspects of cultural history, and a story of intrigue with a magnificent collection of music books at the center and a military order in the background.

Coming soon to a journal near you!