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Research papers/data | Ferran Escrivà Llorca

Research papers/data

In this page are the links to the Documents de Recerca (DR-ANY-FEL) [RESEACH PAPERS/DATA] that I offer available in open.

DR-2019-1. Juan Gascó Camarena

DR-2019-2. Teodoro Castellano Bay


ESCRIVÀ-LLORCA, F. DC-2019-1 (Juan Gascó Camarena). [Retrieved from 20th March 2019]. Available in: http://bit.ly/2EebpaJ

Responsible or main author ESCRIVÀ-LLORCA, Ferran
Title (of based document) Example: DC-2019-1 (Juan Gascó Camarena)
Type of support [online]
Publication Date of publication of the post in the website.Example: 18/2/2019
Date of upload (If applicable)
Date of cite (for online documents) [cited 20the of March 2019]
Availability and access [http://bit.ly/2EebpaJ]