What do I do

We have based on the several areas I work in to design the website structure.  Musicology tools, which names the website, is inspired by the following lines:

  • Musicology: a place to share the latest news and to discuss about the problems of the discipline, specially in our country. It is also a place where I talk about tools used by humanities researchers, which can be very helpful to other colleagues and young researchers.
  • Music education: a reflection area, based on the academic experience, specially on musicology, university and music schools.
  • Educational management: in this section I share my experiences in the passionate world of the educational management. I want to share tools and solutions that helped me to solve problems and difficult situations which we are not usually prepared to face. As there is not much education on this area, I consider useful to share the experience of the ones who found solutions.
  • I’ve been doing music conduction for more than 15 years –I take stock of it here-. And this website shows reflections, methodology and these years of experience.

This space is used as well as a blog, where I publish new articles, and some other writings that appeared previously in other sites or publications, or old documents which I have rescued or rewritten.