Who am I


I am Ferran Escrivà Llorca, musicologist, music teacher, musician and conductor. On this web site you’ll find all kind of information, resources and posts about what I do, write, research, perform…

I live in Oliva and I am a lively professional in musicology and music education. I work as a teacher in several places, like Jaume I University (Castelló), in several masters at the Valencian International University, and at Oliva Music School. Furthermore, I am the director of this school and I have been doing musical conduction for many years. I conduct currently the Rotovense Musical. As you can read in the research section, I do research into historic musicology, into some subjects linked to music education, and into the management improvement of the non-formal music education centers.

I like reading, which I do, although lately I do it rarely for fun. I listen to music as much as I can. You can follow me on Spotify.

I am a member of some musical associations. I am currently part of the leadership of AVAMUS (Valencian Musicology Association), and I am a SEdEM (Spanish Musicology Society) and IMS (International Musicology Society) member.

I’m a father of two daughters, and we like walking together by the sea and sing.

If you visit publications and projects, you will find my publications, projects and academic materials, which I describe in the“What do I do?” section.

You can contact me at the e-mail ferran.escriva@gmail.com. You can find me as well on social networks (and academic networks), which I indicate on the website.

Link to CVN (updated 4th Oct 2018): https://ferranescrivallorca.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/cvn_2018104.pdf